Being able to call the trend with a high degree of accuracy is every trader’s desire. To transform that knowledge into a serious Trading Methodology...
Well... that’s every trader’s Fantasy...

Make Your Trading Fantasy A Reality:
8 Intensive Weeks to Master The Secrets Of “The Elliott Wave Principle”And Turn Out Consistent Profits

No Travels, No Hotels — Just the most Comprehensive and Practical Elliott Wave Education You Will Ever Find

If you’re serious about becoming the best trader you can be and turn out profits quickly and effortlessly, then look no further. I know how it goes… you find a trading strategy, you get all excited about how well it performs, but then it starts to fail and you lose money and confidence.

… then you look for another strategy, try a different indicator and the story repeats itself.

In the best case scenario, you put together a bunch of indicators and produce a signal that gives you the ideal timing to buy or sell, but without the other pre-requisites for success, your fabulously conceived indicator also fails…

So here it is in a nutshell why that happens…

Every trading strategy requires three elements in order to succeed and last:


Forecasting - The What


Timing - The When


Money Management - The How

Almost all the strategies traders try, lack one or two of these three elements. They typically focus on the ideal “timing” to buy or sell a financial instrument but they skip the first element: forecasting. And often, they have no clue of how to project a target and manage the stops - all part of money management.

Hence, they fail, sooner or later…
So every trader in the world needs the what, the when and the how of trading. That is: forecasting, timing and management.
And what has been historically the best forecasting technique in the vast universe of Technical Analysis?
Without a single doubt, the Elliott Wave Principle!

And if you are serious about using the Wave Principle to accurately forecast the markets, enabling any of your trading strategies to succeed, then please read on because this letter will definitely open a great opportunity in your life.

T.O.P Trading School has put together the most comprehensive, affordable and practical Elliott Wave education in the entire industry. And the best part is that, for a limited time, we are offering it as a one-on-one mentoring program AND for a tiny fraction of what it typically costs.

We call this program “Elliott Wave Made Easy”. And it is the ONLY personalized program where you learn one-on-one with a certified Elliott Wave Analyst without having to invest $1,000 per hour - as they charge in other schools (Yes, you read it correctly! That’s what other schools charge for their personalized coaching and in a moment I’ll prove it to you)

You’re no doubt familiar with the principles of Elliott Wave... But when it comes to putting those principles into practice... well... you might have run into serious difficulties... That explains why there are so many people that discard one of the most valuable trading tools ever discovered and often attempt to disqualify it.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone…

Most people struggle to trade using Elliott Wave Analysis because, let’s face it, The Wave Principle was not originally conceived of as a trading methodology. So all over the world, traders come to Wave Analysis in search of a clear way to forecast the market and turn the wave patterns into a practical method for trading. They find that the collective psychology does indeed form the patterns in market price as described by Ralph Elliott, but alas, these patterns are only discernible after the fact.

Some serious students who dedicate intense hours to the study of Wave Analysis can even see the patterns developing, but they have no specific strategies to enter the market, place and trail their stop, project their targets, etc... As a result, they enter into positions at the worst possible moments and lose. In the best case scenario, they get out of trades too early because of their lack of proper knowledge, or too late because they lack the ability to recognize when a wave is nearing its completion.

They don’t realize that there are actually specific strategies that enable you to use Wave Analysis as A Complete Trading Methodology with clear and specific Set Ups!

Which is why we are thrilled to announce the Elliott Wave Made Easy program under the Guidance of Prof. Aldo Lagrutta - a Certified Elliott Wave Analyst and Awarded Financial Technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

Aldo made his entire trading career solely based on Wave Analysis, and under his bright guidance you’ll be able to:

Enter into the finest, intensive and most effective TWO MONTH Elliott Wave Mentorship Program you ever thought possible!


The reality is that there is not a single Elliott Wave Mentoring Program that would guide you with such detail and with so much intensity to make sure you simply succeed as an analyst AND as a trader! PERIOD!

You learn how to uncover the highest-confidence opportunities and to identify the best entry points and price targets, so you can squeeze the most from the positions you enter.

Most importantly, Aldo will help you limit your risk to the barest minimum in every position you take.

The EWME Mentoring Program is
divided into two phases:



Enter into A Master’s Level Education

The program begins with four modules that will guide you through an introduction of the Wave Principle, it’s rules, guidelines, Fibonacci Analysis, Risk Assessment and stop-loss placement. All practical applications of the Wave Principle that you can start using in your trading immediately, but NOT without guidance.

Each module literally breaks down the complete Elliott Wave Principle into small components to make it easier for you to understand and apply it, step by step.

In Module One, you have an overview of the Wave Principle where you become familiar with just 5 basic patterns so you can memorize them easily and effortlessly - without feeling overwhelmed.

By the end of the first module, you’ll know everything there is to know about trends, the two modalities of wave development and the 3 steps of a good trade, so you can achieve in the very first week, what most people fail to do after years of trading experience.

You get access to 6 easy videos during the first week so you can have enough time to watch just one video per day. That way, no matter how busy you might be, you will be able to truly assimilate the content of each video.

In Module Two you learn the secrets of “How To Catch The Turn”. Remember that phrase from Gordon Gekko in the movie “Wall Street”?

Well… in this module you learn how to “Catch the Turn” by projecting targets accurately, so you can take advantage of market turns often at the very extreme.

Module Three will be your Phd in Elliott Waves because it is here where you master all the corrective structures. Knowing everything about trends already puts you on the right side of the market most of the time. And identifying the corrective structures you become an expert at “catching the turns” IN THE DIRECTION OF THE TREND.

You’ll get 10 videos, each dedicated to explore a specific corrective pattern with examples in real markets. You won’t just look at drawings of ideal patterns; you’ll see real market situations and their application.

Module Four is pure trading applications: Many people are familiar with the principles of Elliott Wave, but when it comes to putting those principles into practice... well... they might run into difficulties.

In this module you learn to transform your newly acquired knowledge into a trading methodology. It is in this module where you’ll see the applications of everything you have learnt thus far and apply it to real markets. Aldo will be showing you the anatomy of real trades.


Personalized One-On-One Applied Trading

Here is the cool part... once you finished the first four modules - where you receive all the knowledge, rules and guidance that you need to become a Master Elliott Wave Technical Analyst - we start the second phase of your education.

During this second phase you’ll receive a personalized application of the Wave Principle according to your personality, strengths and weaknesses.

Every day for the next four weeks, you’ll meet one-on-one with Prof. Aldo Lagrutta so you can clarify your doubts, ask questions, solidify your knowledge and deepen your skills regarding application of your knowledge to real market examples.

You always have an Elliott Wave Expert at your side.

Most importantly, during these one-on-one sessions, you’ll be labelling charts with Aldo in order to search for trading opportunities using Wave Analysis.

Discover How A World Expert Applies The Principle Of Elliott Wave To REAL Market Conditions EVERY Day.

Some people call this phase “the money making phase”, because it is during this time that you’ll take REAL trades with REAL money. And you’ll not be alone! Aldo will be taking the exact same trades with you.

You will see real market applications and experience first hand how to take positions based on that analysis and make money during the process.

Think about what you’ll learn in 8 weeks of intensive training working one-on-one with an awarded certified technician and professional trader.

In Summary, the EWME is specifically designed to give you the tools to:

  • Correctly analyse the markets

  • Make proper forecasts

  • And take profitable trades based on your analysis and forecast

All within 2 months!

What you learn in the Elliott Wave Made Easy Intensive Program allows you to pick any market, accurately forecast what the next meaningful move will be and then take the most adequate decision with a confidence that you never expected to have.

No one in the industry offers such an opportunity. EWME is the only one that does it simply because it is run by a serious Market Analyst who ACTUALLY TRADES USING THE WAVE PRINCIPLE!


Meet Prof. Aldo Lagrutta…

We all know that trading is not easy and does not offer any certainties. So one-on-one coaching appears to be the fastest path for a motivated trader to save years of capital loses and frustrations, and achieve success.

Having a mentor is the single most important factor in multiplying the success of your trading. It’s the magic ingredient that can create a real trading career that allows you to make money trading. A Trading career can be extremely profitable if you have the right guidance.

… and crucial to that success is Prof. Aldo Lagrutta - who enjoys trading and mentoring others as much as they enjoy being mentored by him.

But don't take it from us. Here is what a few seasoned professionals had to say about their experience…

Let’s be honest… Understanding the 13 patterns that Elliott identified is relatively simple. After the first 4 intensive weeks your brain will be naturally wired to recognize them with ease.

BUT... applying these principles to make money in the markets can take years of practice, study and hard work - not to mention the mental pain and loss of capital in the process.

Working one-on-one with Aldo allows you to:

See actual working examples of Wave Patterns and how Aldo uses them to get into high probability trades that you can copy to earn real money.

Learn how to identify the highest probable market moves - During the second phase of the program Aldo will be sharing with you the exact set ups he’s taking and his reasoning to take them. He will tell you ahead of time where he enters, where he is placing his stops, how he is managing the trade, where to take out a portion of the trade, where to add to your winning position, etc...

Master the art of spotting counter-trends within the trend - You’ll become a real master at taking advantage of pull backs to enter, add or re-enter positions by rejoining the trend and...


You will never again experience the mental agony of entering a trade that simply moves against you and you don’t know why. Having a mentor like Aldo will help you improve your trading, regardless of your prior experience or account size.

Plus, when you join the EWME you’ll be as confident as we are that the the benefits you accrue will dramatically surpass the investment you make in order to participate in the EWME Program.

It is very likely you will be earning money while you gain confidence in your own analysis. This alone may make your entire mentoring absolutely FREE because you will be earning money and gaining experience as you are learning and at the end of the program you will likely come out with several fold what you invested in the course, plus a career in trading.

As a result of this amazing education you will know exactly:

  • How to time your entries with precision

  • How to maximize your exits

  • When to let your winners run

  • When to take your profits

  • When to look for another entry

  • Know your exact stop placement

The Wave Principle is in fact the only trading methodology that allows you to know with the precision of one tick or one pip where you’re wrong. No matter how experienced you are, you need to be able to identify those moments when you are simply wrong. This is crucial because it allows you for the first time in your trading life to really apply the famous principle of “cutting your losses short and letting your winners run.”

This is why EWME is such a must for every serious trader that is committed to improve his or her trading and become all they can be:

Elliott Wave Made Easy not only gives you everything you need to know about the Wave Principle, it will ALSO give you everything that makes up an effective trading methodology. In a few words, after completion of the program, you will be a serious Market Analyst capable of applying the Wave Principle to take full advantage of the best opportunities the market has to offer on a consistent basis. That is our guarantee!

Who Is This Program For?

The program is designed for Professional traders, brokers, dealers, fund managers, portfolio managers, market analysts, other investment professionals, private investors, and academics.

It is also for Futures, Stocks and/or Forex traders of ALL levels who want to become serious Market Technical Analysts and Profitable Traders in the shortest time possible regardless their market preference, experience or account size.

The Elliott Wave principle works in any market, on any time frame, with any account size. But unless you follow a clear trading methodology using the Wave Principle, you simply are not going to succeed. EWME offers you that clear methodology and knowledge as well as the opportunity to put it into practice so you can turn a fabulous forecasting tool into a REAL Trading Methodology.

EWME is for any trader regardless their trading experience who appreciates Elliott Waves but struggles to earn money consistently in his or her daily trading using it... If that is you, EWME is simply a must because it is the easiest and most convenient way to learn how to become an effective Analyst AND a profitable Trader at the same time.

Finally, EWME is for ANY trader who has been struggling to earn money trading and is in need of turning profitable in the shortest possible time.

After only a few weeks, you’ll have an objective method of determining the probability of the future direction for a commodity, stock or any market move. You will be able to look at a chart and identify trading opportunities, determine your risk and potential return... then get in at the most advantageous price, with the highest degree of confidence.

Elliott Wave Made Easy Gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED
To Make A Trading Career

Aldo doesn’t just tell you how to do Wave Analysis... INSTEAD HE SHOWS YOU HOW HE DOES IT AND APPLIES IT TO MAKE MONEY CONSISTENTLY. He never leaves you guessing about how to use or apply these profoundly effective techniques. Instead you will be applying them in real market examples under his guidance with one winning example after another.

Ever struggled to judge the quality of your trading decisions?

Those days are GONE!

Now you’ll be able to tell how well you’ve done … identify any weak spots… and shore them up BEFORE they have the chance to diminish your enthusiasm or affect your emotions and self image as a trader.

Yes, I want the fastest path
to winning with Elliott Wave

Order now and the EWME Program...
at a Value of $25,000 is yours for ONLY $7,500

Remember - when your order today...

  • You get full access to four modules of intensive training that will take you from an introduction of the Wave Principle to its rules, guidelines, Fibonacci Analysis, Risk Assessment and stop-loss placement in plain and easy language.

  • Daily private sessions for 4 more weeks where you get one-on-one coaching with Aldo so you can clarify your doubts, ask questions, solidify your knowledge and deepen your skills in applying your knowledge to real market examples.

  • During your private coaching sessions you can expect to discuss positions and receive daily corrections of your counts, analysis, labels and application of the Wave Principle.

  • You will also see real market applications so you experience first hand how to take positions based on that analysis and make money during the process.

Now, there’s an important decision to be made…

You could choose to do nothing… go on from here alone and continue listening to those who criticise the Wave principle… and miss out on the powerful possibilities of an exciting and profitable trading career by learning how to apply the best analytical tool ever formulated.

You could go on wasting your money buying programs that promise you heaven without any effort on your part – only to discover later that you are actually missing the very foundations of trading and market analysis.

Or, you can start Elliott Wave Made Easy now and save a lot of money while you magnify and accelerate your success – you can choose to take action now and rocket your career to the next level.

There simply are no other choices.

Now, it’s decision time. The choice is yours: Here’s the link – you know what to do.

Wishing you every success in your trading,

The T.O.P Trading Team,

P.S. As a day trader, swing trader or investor trying to survive today’s harsh economic market situation, can you afford NOT to have such powerful analytical tool for trading and forecast at your fingertip?